Within the space of the crypt a fifth wall, a filter, a reception plate, is constructed. A single source of light, projected images, illuminates the space. The image of a body in motion, photographed by Muybridge, is distorted and fragmented as it is reflected from mirror to mirror, through this fifth wall, ultimately being imprinted on a series of pivoting panels within the constructed wall. Like the construction itself, the figure of the visitor is marked or mapped by the projected images, thus ones presence in the crypt is simultaneously that of a witness and participant. In breaking the beam of projected images, ones silhouette is multiplied, reflected upon the gallery walls and imprinted upon the panels, drawing into question the perception of presence within a space.


Between 1988 an 1990, Beth Weinstein, Francisco de Almeida, Scott DeVere + Zainie Zainul collaborated on several installations, under the name a(d+V) u2z.