The project addresses the contemporary "problem" of the collapse of space - the condensation or compression of space and perception into a microscopic, electronic space - and the increasing hygenization of an otherwise sensorial experiencing of the environment and human contact/interaction. The installation is developed in terms of the reciprocal relationships of the perception of architecture through the body and the perception of the body as manipulated by architecture, while specifically investigating how constructed elements define the body's limits, free or confine its movements, and incorporate the "presence" of sound and textural quality into the built environment. Architecture, in the case, is treated as a constructed extension of the body's limits, which protects or isolates the body within a second skin, inherently distorting the transmittal and reception of messages as they traverse these skins.

The installation is composed of several spatial envelopes differing in luminosity, opacity, tactility, and structure, ranging in scale and proximity to the body from masks or helmets to "tailored" spaces. As each envelope has its unique "skin", the perception of the presence of and limits between others within the space changes from envelope to envelope. The unifying ingredient of the various envelopes and elements of the installation is no other than the human figure, activating the installation through sound, shadow and movement.