Silent Amplification Competition
Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX

In response to the dual programs of large and small performance spaces, this proposal seeks to explore an architecture that is at once a threshold condition and simultaneously an erasure of the threshold. A threshold can be seen as a linking of distinct entities, joined yet retaining autonomy. This condition, a marginal area of separation, is explored through an architecture of articulated surfaces, that at times differentiate, and at times consolidate and collapse.

The deployment of two surfaces, a lower, the product of carving and an upper, the result of folding, is used to activate both the program and the site. The programmatic requirements are satisfied through straightforward techniques, operating within the dualisms and separations implicit in the brief.

Each surface is intended to receive a variety of potential organizations and activities. Scripted onto and into the surfaces are multiple graphic and notational systems, diagramming possible occupations and organizations. It is not intended to choreograph (control) movement on or across the site, but to parametrically allow for numerous potential and often simultaneous movements and occupations. Additionally the scripting of the upper surface at times becomes slices, creating a projection of one notational system onto another, suggesting the possibility of transprogammed activities. It is this structuring of the surfaces that simultaneously allows for both multiple and singular occupations across the entire site.