Van Dam Inc.
Information Design Office

The program for this project was a mix of open office space for graphic designers, semi-private offices for sales representatives, a warehouse for storing maps and atlases, and a more private office and conference area for the company’s president. In moving from a more traditionally cellular office to an open loft space, privacy, security, and personal territory were of particular concern to the client. Given that the project location was a floor through loft with natural light limited to the south street front and a north-facing light shaft, our proposal would also need to address light and visual comfort.
The proposal developed from an understanding of the different needs for employee interaction or privacy and use of simple materials and construction methods in response to the tight construction schedule, budget and limited lighting conditions. Through this use of corrugated fiberglass, acrylic and polycarbonate panels on stock aluminum sections we were able to fulfill the owners request for a “light” and “fluid” space. Sliding fiberglass doors to the south were designed to allow extensive light to penetrate into the center of the loft while permitting a variety of open to closed configurations. The warehouse space was masked by a backlit acrylic wall. A counter top, which transforms and takes on different functions along its length, links together the different work areas.